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Unlock your team's full potential using the ONLY Slack native OKR management tool.

Experience seamless alignment and drive outstanding growth with our innovative OKR management system, exclusively designed for Slack.
One Platform, Unlimited Potential
Set, track, and get real-time updates on your OKRs directly within Slack, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.
One Platform, Unlimited Potential
Organized Teams, Aligned Goals
Effortlessly create and manage teams, ensuring that company and team OKRs are harmoniously aligned for maximum success.
Organized Teams, Aligned Goals
Unleash Your Team's Productivity
Goalics' intuitive design makes setting and tracking OKRs a breeze, enabling your team to easily and readily focus on achieving objectives, driving growth.
Unleash Your Team's Productivity
Stay in the Loop, Instantly
Enhance transparency and collaboration with real-time notifications and updates on OKRs, keeping your team engaged, informed, and agile.
Stay in the Loop, Instantly
Crystal-Clear Vision Alignment
Keep your company's vision top of mind, ensuring everyone is on the same page, working together towards a common objective, fostering unity and collaboration.
Cultivate Collaboration and Trust
Build a transparent, open culture where real-time updates and progress tracking enable seamless teamwork and goal sharing.
Boost Efficiency, Maximize Results
Streamline your workflow within the familiar environment of Slack, allowing your team to focus on achieving their objectives while saving time and eliminating distractions in the process.
Step 1: Seamless Integration 🛠️
Quickly integrate Goalics into your Slack workspace and watch as your team's productivity flourishes, managing OKRs seamlessly within their favorite communication platform.
Step 2: Visionary Goal-Setting 🎯
Empower your team to set ambitious OKRs, driving alignment with your company's vision and sparking growth and innovation.
Step 3: Maximize Efficiency, Collaboration, and Communication 🗣️
Boost teamwork and engagement by tracking progress, sharing updates, and collaborating in real-time, all within the efficient environment of Slack, enabling ongoing focus on objectives, driving success.

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Goalics is a Slack-native OKR management tool that empowers companies to seamlessly track and achieve their objectives and key results within their existing communication platform.

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